1-2-1, 1-2-2 and ad hoc group classes 
(Age from full time school 4yrs -16yrs+)

Eleanor, General Gymnastics department leader welcomes you…


What are these classes all about

These classes are individually tailored to you and run 'ad hoc' - choose a time when best suits you. Either for use as a trial class to test out us and the sport, or for expereinced gymnasts looking to 'boost' performance in a certain area. We've two main types of 121's followed up by our group class option.

The 'test it out' class

For use either as a trial class to try out the sport and us before joining, or book one of these when signing up to a term time class to help support your athletes start with us.

Why would you book one of these?
  • Perhaps you are considering classes with us but wonder will your child enjoy it?
  • Do you need some help determining which activity is best suited for your child? (we know we run a lot of different things!)
  • You'd like to do a 'reccy' or 'trial run' of how it all works here - where to find us, where to go, to meet the coaches etc before joining a class.
  • Your child would LOVE to join a class but is a little anxious about it all - a session like this is a great personalised introduction for them to meet us all and learn the basics
  • You are interested in squad level gymnastics but you need to show us your skills first before we can offer you an invite-only class.
  •  …...or just simply you don't want to commit to weekly classes and monthly membership and want to give it a go (adults included!)
In these sessions we'll introduce you to all things Affinity. Depending on your aims, we'll cover a range of activities in the gym plus show you the ropes of how we do things here. It's a great way to test it all out. We get it - signing up to a term time class with monthly membership is quite a commitment right? This is your less commitment way of seeing what we do. Athletes will leave feeling welcome and confident in the environment, having learnt some new skills and met new coaches. Parents will leave with clarity, on how we work here plus on what to do next - which classes are best suited and if Affinity is right for you.


The 'Boost' class

This is the class for you if:
  • You are an existing member wanting to boost progress on a certain skill or two
  • You are a member elsewhere but want to access 121 help with our coaches to develop your skills
  • You train in a related sport or activity and want to learn a few things to support that - we've coached stunt athletes, fitness professionals, dancers, pole dancers and aerialists.
In these sessions you direct what it is you want to work on and our coaches will get to work on making it happen.
Both the 'test it out' and 'boost' classes run on a 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 basis.

Sessions are 30 minutes and cost £25 for 121 and £30 122 - so you could split the cost with a friend. We've also a multi-book discount - book 5 30 min sessions for the price of 4 at £100.


When are these classes on?

At HQ we have two schedules for 121's, term time and holiday classes. The holiday class 121 slots can be found with the holiday camp schedule each time - check this out here.
Term time regular slots:
Mondays 7:15-7:45pm with Dan @ Goffs Churchgate Academy
Mondays 7:45-8:15pm with Dan  @ Goffs Churchgate Academy
Tuesdays 6:30-7:00pm @ Affinity HQ
Tuesdays 7:00-7:30pm @ Affinity HQ
Tuesdays 7:30-8:00pm with @ Affinity HQ
Wednesdays 5:45-6:15pm with @ Affinity HQ
Wednesdays 6:15-6:45pm with @ Affinity HQ
Wednesdays 6:45-7:15pm with @ Affinity HQ
Saturdays 3-3:30pm with Dan or Eleanor @ Affinity HQ
Saturdays 3:30-4pm with Dan or Eleanor @ Affinity HQ
Saturdays 4-4:30pm with Dan or Eleanor @ Affinity HQ
Classes with club leader Jen at various times by arrangement.

FULL timetable here

Where are these classes on

General classes are held at:
Affinity HQ
Goffs Churchgate Academy

Pop over to our 'Where are we' page for more details.

Want a session for more than two people?

We've thought about that too :-) Drum roll please for our new group sessions.

These are for a minimum of 3 and maximum of 16 people (although we can cater for more by arrangement).

Sessions are an hour long and include our coach plus exclusive use of the venue (the 1-2-1 and 1-2-2 session usually run alongside other classes).

Cost £100 for up to 8 people and £150 for up to 16.

Why would you want to book one of these?

  • Perhaps you are a group of people not wanting to join regular classes, but want to test out gymnastics or cheerleading.
  • You are an organisation looking for a fun and unique team building activity
  • You are a group who train in a related activity (dance, fitness, pole dance, other sports) and fancy a fun one off session in something related.
  • You want a special session as a celebration - birthday party for example.
We'll tailor the session to your context and goals. We do know it will be a lot of fun - both for you and for us in sharing our love of and expertise in gymnastics/cheerleading with you. We can run these sessions outside of our usual class schedule - so evenings in term time, plus select daytimes and weekends.


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