British Gymnastics Awards 2015

Something a little crazy is happening this weekend! For me as club leader of Affinity, it feels slightly mad that this opportunity has opened up yet also reassuringly real.

Affinity is on the shortlist for a national industry award - the British Gymnastics Club of the Year Award. We’re off to the glitzy ceremony tonight in Manchester. Frocks and heels at the ready!

On one hand, it feels a little crazy to think that our ‘little’ club could be on the shortlist for such a huge award. That our work has reached so far to be visible and recognised on a national stage. That our club could win that award?! Definitely feels a little crazy.

But then on the other hand, why is it so hard to believe? Isn’t this what we teach to our members everyday? Affinity was my dream, a dream that then became shared by many. Theres a lot of seemingly ‘impossible’ milestones that we have now achieved along the way, simply because we believed it was possible and set to work to achieve them. For me, this is the greatest learning we can share as a club with our members. To lead the way and show the young people we work with that they can believe in themselves and that anything is possible

I’m off to Manchester not by myself but with a group of the most amazing team (call them a dream team really) members I could wish for. Yup, it sounds cheesy. But they really are! You could not make this stuff up. Along with many many other skills and achievements; Denise is an international judge. Emma works with British Gymnastics on the National Gymnastics Advisory Panel. Sophie balances being a Mum with coaching and has always believed in me more than I believe in myself. Vicki has been coaching with us the longest and is a gifted school teacher as well as organiser and looks after us all (like bringing us all cold drinks in the heatwave, how thoughtful is that?).  And Litsa? She’s simply the best pre school coach in the county and well, she got me into coaching in the first place. Then there’s those members *on the bench* who can’t make it this weekend but are key members of our team - Lucy, whose range of skills and commitment to each and every class never ceases to impress me, Rachel, who has been improving her coaching skills on the other side of the pond all summer and Brenda who, lets face it, is THE BEST administrator IN THE WORLD. Yup, I’ll rave about them all but i’m not just saying it for us to sound good - they truly are amazing and they make Affinity what it is - along with all our gymnasts and ‘supporting cast’ of  parents/guardians, friends, family, local organisations etc etc.

I know the positive impact our club has on our community and the value of being involved. I know we have something special here and I’m honoured that the club we’ve created can keep moving forwards and lead the way for our members.

It’s not sounding quite so crazy now, is it? Wonder what else is possible…..

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