Channelling her inner Beyonce An interview with Coach Lauren about our new Zumba class

Coach Lauren joined our coaching team in late 2015 with a background in the fitness industry. When the opportunity to run a special class for 'Herts Girls Can' week came up she suggested Zumba. And WOW! We LOVED it!! We had fun doing the class but even more special was seeing Lauren's talents at leading the Zumba class - shes amazing! So naturally we decided we needed more of this fun and posiitivity at Affinity and will be running Zumba as a regular class from September on Monday mornings, 9:30-10:15am. I caught up with Lauren to chat all things Zumba:

Q: What attracted you to zumba and how did you get involved?
Lauren: My cousin and I tried a Zumba class in our local area and was addicted straight away!  Having a background in both gymnastics and dance it seemed like the perfect workout to allow me to both dance and burn calories in one.  The thing that attracted me to Zumba was the music and the party feeling it created when everyone is moving, enjoying themselves and not having a care in the world if they got the steps wrong!  

Q: What are you most looking forward to about leading zumba at affinity?
Lauren: I'm looking forward to having the chance to show the other tricks up my sleeve other than coaching gymnastics.  Also I think it's showing what else the club has to offer and gives the adults something.  The kids loved it when we introduced it to the warm ups so I hope the adults will love it just as much!
Q: Whats your favourite thing about zumba?
Lauren: My favourite thing about Zumba has to be I can channel my inner Beyonce! x-D I also love the music and the selection of dance you cover (I.E. Salsa, Hip hop, Cumbia, Reggae) 

Zumba at Affinity? How does it fit with the rest of the club?
Lauren: Zumba is a perfect fit for Affinity. We always pride ourselves on having fun, being supportive and encouraging and we can do exactly that with Zumba. It doesn't matter if you get the steps wrong, as long as you are having a good time thats what is important! We will repeat each track for a couple of weeks so over time you'll build your knowledge of the steps and routines - exactly the same way we would teach gymnastic skills. 

Who is ready to have fun with us - the AffinityFit Zumba way? Class starts 5th September, 9:30-10:15am. Two payment options - commit to a half term of FUN and fitness for a discounted £52.50 (7 classes) or pay £10 per class PAYG.

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