The Affinity story part two 2007-8

#AffinityTurns10 10 events for 10 years: 
The Affinity Story part 2 - Year 2 2007-2008.

This week it’s our official 10 year anniversary of classes starting (our first classes were held on 18th September 2006) so our 2nd #AffinityTurns10 ‘event’ is a week long birthday party at our classes so everyone can celebrate with us. We’ll be playing party games in class, decorating the gym and we have some special ‘party favours’ for our gymnasts. Plus we’d love it if you’d bring us a birthday card!
This brings us to part two of the Affinity Story - our second year in 2007-2008.
So it’s fair to say that gymnastics at Sheredes Primary was a success in the first year. In fact in some ways a victim of it’s own success, in that the administration and organisation of the club had become too much for the school to manage. The decision was made for the club to become it’s own organisation and manage the membership, take payments etc itself. This meant becoming a British Gymnastics registered club under the name of ‘Sheredes Gymnastics.’ We took the name of our venue as many sports club do. (Plus have you ever tried to name an organisation? It’s incredibly difficult! We’ll tell you the challenging story of our name change in 2012 in due course).

With this came opportunity for more areas of gymnastics than just primary age classes. Gymnasts could now attend our classes from other schools. We added weekend pre-school classes and started our first competition squad who trained twice a week. We took on a second coach - Vicki, who helped one night a week. We had around 50 members during this year.

Our first competition squad team picture - on the day they got their club leotards!

We entered our first competition early in 2008 - the Hertfordshire Grades. Again we performed at the Sheredes Primary open evening and also the school fete. Always wanting to do things well from the outset, both and out of the gym, we were one of the first 400 clubs to gain the ‘gymmark’ gold standard accreditation from British Gymnastics. We were honoured  to have the regional coordinator visit us for a display and to award a plaque - and we were featured in the local paper!

Our first competition in 2008. We all passed our grades!                          Our GymMark plaque being awarded in July 2008

So all in all, a year of great change and excitement. Now onto year three in 2008-9……

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