Affinity Sizzling Summer Camps Why Is it so Special

Yikes it's the end of another academic year already, this means our summer holiday classes are nearly here! I caught up with lead coach, Lucy, to pick her brains about why the Affinity Summer Holiday classes are so special:

Q: Hi Lucy, I understand you have been at the majority of our holiday classes over the past couple of years. What makes them different to usual classes?


A: In the holidays we get to try such a wide variety of types of gymnastics. We also get to tailor the sessions to the gymnast’s desires as they can bring us their ‘wish list’ of skills and activities and I love hearing what is on these lists then accommodating it! This is the best opportunity to take away as much knowledge away from the coaches as possible.


Q: Whats your favourite things about the holiday classes, compared to term time ones?


A: We get to see lots of new faces and love seeing their faces light up learning a new skill for the first time. Also seeing current members coming and showing their love for gymnastics and achieving skills started in term time classes - they all want to practice and learn more. and we love supporting that. I love the freedom of being able to do what you want, as the classes are longer, - both for coach and gymnast. We’ve more time to set up bigger preps that we wouldn’t normally have time or space to do so within a term time lesson. This is when we often come up with our best stuff and most creative ideas!

We also get to know the gymnasts better as people as they are here for longer sessions.


Q: Sounds like the Affinity fairies spread their magic during these classes!


A: Yes it’s certainly when we as coaches are most creative. Plus we have the most new skills learnt or progressed, theres definitely some magic in the air!


Q: What have you seen gymnasts achieve or progress in?


A: I’ve seen beginners achieve their first skills in gymnastics and getting a real buzz from it, to more experienced gymnasts transferring skills from floor onto apparatus. For example, we’ve been working on front somersaults from trampette in term time class, over holiday classes we’re now doing these from the beam.


Q: This year, we've a lot more classes than previous years. What are you most looking forward to?


I think I’m looking forward most to the family fit. More people are booked on than we usually have and I look forward to the challenge to get the parents involved. Plus lots of you are doing all the weeks so I’m looking forward to finding a way of each class progressing and building on the next - its like a special course. Families being active together is really important to us.


Q: Who usually comes to the holiday classes?


A: A large range - and that is what makes it so interesting. From complete newbies to club members keeping up training over the summer - we make everyone welcome. We also often see dancers who want to work on acro skills in tumbling or 121 classes as well as cheerleaders, martial artists and those from almost any other sport.


Q: What would you say to someone who is on the fence about signing up?


A: Come and try one and see if you like it! We bet you’ll leave signing up for more but if you don’t try, you’ll never know.


Q: What do you do if a child is unsure of coming to a new class?


It’s important for them to know that its usual for kids to come by themselves and not know anyone - they are often all in the same boat. We play lots of games to help them get to know each other and we pride ourselves on being as welcoming as we can. Also lots of children do return - so if you come back in oct half term you may see your new friends.


Thanks Lucy, sounds like it’s going to be a great summer! You can book our classes here.

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