Interview about Freestyle Gymnastics

An area of Affinity is growing and has made it onto our holiday class schedule with two weekly classes, Wednesday mornings 9:30am-12pm and Thursday afternoons 1-3:30pm. I caught up with our Freestyle Gymnastics (FreeG) lead coach and Ambitious Apprentice, Dan, to understand more about this area of the club: 


Hi Dan!

Q: Tell me, whats FreeG? Whats different about it to regular gymnastics?


A: For me, FreeG is less rules more cool. Its about movement and getting from point A to point B in the fastest and coolest way possible. Spicing it up a little. It’s creative and fun and at Affinity we fuse this with our gymnastics knowledge and skill too.


Q: What makes FreeG special?


A: Well, ninja’s do it. That kinda sums it up! Not many gym clubs do it in the way we do, we’re unique in our way of fusing the fun adventurous movements with gymnastics in the same package .


Q: What do you like about it?

A: It looks cool. I saw my friend do a backflip and just wanted to do it.

it’s inspirational. We love watching and sharing videos of new tricks and movements. 


Q: What do you see the kids getting out of it?

A: It really builds confidence in what they are doing with their body. I can see them getting a lot from exploring what they can do. It’s a great relaxed yet focused approach. 


Q: I hear you are a bit of a ninja in training. What brought you to gymnastics and what sort of things do you train yourself?


A: I just love sports. Pole vault, swimming, free running, javelin. skating. I’m always incorporating free running into skating and other sports. You’ll find me down the skate park or on the trampoline at home. (Editors note: since joining us in September 2016 Dan has been getting SERIOUSLY good at gymnastics. He’s winning most of our handstand competitions now, much to the dismay of our squad gymnasts!).


Q: What would you most like to share with the gymnasts through your FreeG classes?


A: I think mainly the ability to try stuff, to be confident in what they do and to know the right progressions to get to where they want to be.


Q: What would you say to someone who is on the fence about joining a class?


A: Erm, have you seen ninja warrior? Just join.

Wow looks like I may sign up for a class myself. Come and join Dan for the FreeG fun here.


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