Cooking up a storm

by Jennifer Page, Affinity Founder


It’s safe to say I’m agreeing with that famous quote: ‘Change is the only constant.’
Now you can either be scared by this concept or excited.
For me, the recent challenge has been that we’ve hit a certain point in our development that I can’t really hide from anymore.

Opening Affinity HQ in 2014 was a HUGE long-term goal and dream achieved and that alone took me a good year to recover from! Add in the subsequent tripling of the club over the next 24 months or so and all the associated changes in creating an organisation of this type and size was quite a baptism of fire. An exciting, amazing journey I wouldn’t change for anything.
A journey that (fortunately) is a great distraction from the next steps and longer term plans. So I’ve been easily, and perhaps rightly, ignoring that little nagging question of: ‘so Jen, what’s next?’

However we’ve now gone further down this path and I’m running out of valid excuses to ignore it.  My only remaining one is that it scares me (like REALLY scares me). However the amazing #TeamAffinity and all our awesome gymnasts and families are showing me that this isn’t a valid excuse anymore either.
So there’s no option now but to turn that fear into excitement (they are actually one and the same anyway, did you know? It’s the same chemical response in the body. Interesting fact of the day huh!).
Which brings me to the work we’ve been doing behind the scenes on Affinity as an organisation with some pretty exciting 10-year goals of what and where and who we want to be.
Me, Brenda, Emma and Lucy spent two days with the fabulous Marianne Page at her ‘systems4scale bootcamp’ back in February to iron-out what we’re about, where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. We’re working on implementing her ‘McFreedom system’ to make us into the organisation we need to be to hit our NEW 10 year goals.
I feel there should be a drum roll here……

The goals for the next 10 years are for Affinity to operate a large multi-discipline gymnastics facility. Think gymnastics, tumbling, aerial arts, freeG/parkour, special pre-school areas, dance, cheer, you name it.  If it’s related to gymnastics we’ve a space for that.  Also to franchise or open further satellite centers.  Maybe all of the above.  Maybe actually none of it – hey you never know what the future has in store.  But there has to be a dream and a bigger vision that’s motivating, to grow into and move towards.

We’ll do this with our vision in mind a
nd with our now much clearer and so important set of values:
Cool huh? We’ve implemented LOADS of changes over the past few months and there’s more to come over the next months and years. It’s not always easy. But that excitement is definitely baked-in.
What do you think of our plans? What would you like to see Affinity become? Wear your best dreaming hat please and we’ll add your ideas to our list – please comment on this post or email us at . Along with your excitement I hope!

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