Top 10 Reasons why holiday classes are different

But we come to gymnastics week in week out! We aren't missing much in the holidays..... right?  .....Wrong. Check out our TOP TEN reasons why holiday camps are different, in a good way!

1. Be the first to try out new activities. As coaches, we use holiday class times to be creative and try out new ideas. Be the first to try our new ideas before everyone else.

2. Longer sessions allow us to do more than a term time class. We use all the apparatus in the gym each class, unlike term time where its on a rotation from week to week. No chance that your child’s favourite apparatus isn’t included this week!

3. It’s a reliable indoor activity the British weather can not spoil or cancel. Plus we’ve air conditioning for those summer days.

4. New skills. It’s a great chance to try new things and to see what other gymnasts are working on, to see whats possible.

5. We watch movies at lunch for those who stay all day. We’ve got colouring books and crayons and puzzles now too.

6. Everyone feels better after exercise. You know this is important for your child and hey, if they are feeling good from their day perhaps your evening is easier? These are coached sessions. It’s not soft play. We’re sharing our passion and coaching expertise all day.

7. Help with childcare. Well the kids need something to do and sending them to us means you’ll have some time to yourself.

8. Make friends - your gymnast will meet a wider range of children and make new friends (we’re a welcoming bunch).

9. Siblings and friends can attend together as the age range is wider and no one needs to be a member (this helps with item 7!)

10. It’s fun! (shouldn't everything be?)

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