So it is badge testing time

...what's that all about?

We operate our own badge scheme – the Affinity Awards.  We developed this ourselves after many many years experience in gymnastics with various badge schemes that we found lacking.

We’ve had our own scheme running for a year now and we have to say we love it!  It’s matched to our teaching syllabus and therefore represents all aspects of the things our gymnasts learn.

We complete one badge per term, which are awarded at the end of term.
Our Crawley gymnasts have 10 skills to complete on floor which have two each from the following areas: handstands (from preps through to handsprings), cartwheels (from preps through to aerials), backwards skills (from bridges through to back flips), shapes, strength and flexibility, and one skill each for jumping and rolling.  Then there are two skills on each of the apparatus: beam and vault.
There’s a grading based on how many skills the gymnast is able to perform well, which is intended to give you a little more information on progress. The bands are as follows:
6-8 skills = pass
9-12 skills = commended
13-14 skills = highly commended
The list of skills are now recorded on the certificate awarded to the gymnast.
As coaches, we really look forward to celebrating our gymnasts achievements at the end end of each term.