Why we love the gift of saying THANK YOU...

We’re into the second half of the term now, badge testing is finished and who can believe Christmas is looming in the not so distant future! 

Regarding Christmas, I know some of you will be starting to think about gift buying and giving (and some of you, like me, will be putting this off till as late as possible laugh).

We’ve been reflecting on this in the Affinity office and we’d like to make a bit of a change this year. You see, each year we receive many gifts from our members and we are so grateful and appreciative of the time and money you spend to do this.  We love celebrating the year with you.  However, 95% of the gifts we receive are large boxes of chocolate. Now don’t get us wrong, we appreciate the gifts and we do like chocolate, but it means our office is kept knee deep in chocolate until Easter. We’re all eating large quantities everyday and it’s really not great for us.

We’re an organisation based on sport and as such, we’d love to receive gifts that will help us be the healthy and vibrant people you need in your classes. Plus, collectively the amount spent on these chocolates runs into hundreds of pounds and we feel it could be better spent elsewhere. 

So this year we would very much rather a small gift of your time - make us a Christmas card with a message, take the time to say thank you at our end of term displays. Or donate the £5 you would have spent on the chocolate to a charity of your choice.  If you really would like to get us a physical gift, we’d actually love to get more fruit into our office on a weekly basis. We’d gladly accept that £5 instead of chocolate and we’ll put it towards getting a fruit subscription service in our office all year round.  Imagine what our coaches energy levels will be like when they are snacking on fruit between classes instead of chocolate - wow!

Thank you.  What do you think about this?  We hope you support us...and look forward to a healthier start to the year for everyone!

Jennifer Page

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