Why am I paying for August


Yes it’s a great question. We don’t run term time classes in August so why am I being charged for it?
Well, it’s to do with the way we’ve organised our monthly membership. We took all fees for the year (39 term time weeks), class fees, badge fees, club membership and rolled it all together into one simple monthly fee, by dividing this across 12 months.
Here’s what you are getting by paying in august:
  • Lower monthly payments as the annual fees are split over 12 months and not 11
  • Consistent billing all year round to aid household budgets
  • Your place in your class safe and secure and ready for September
  • All continued member benefits – including discounted holiday camp sessions. Eg. Our members price is £16.50 per session, non-members price is £22.50.  (You can find out more holiday class information here)

If you didn’t pay the August payment:
  • You’d have more classes than you’ve paid for across the year.
  • You would lose your class place.
  • We’d be out of pocket and we want to stay in business for you to be able to come to our classes!
We could have divided membership into 11 and not 12 payments. Maybe in future we might do this. But the reasons for going for 12 payments are:
  • We don’t charge more in the months where there are 5 classes rather than 4. Or less where there are 3. So by that logic lets keep all monthly payments the same all year round.
  • It means the monthly payment is lower than if we divide by 11.
  • You and us can budget better knowing that it’s the same amount every month.
I hope this sheds some light on how this works and why we’ve structured our membership the way we have.

p.s.  Don't forget that we have our 13th Birthday & Thank You party on Monday 26th August. Come along anytime between 10am and 1:00pm​ and have fun in the gym and eat some cake with us!  


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