Our AWESOME Trainee Coaches

You know we LOVE gymnastics and all related activities at Affinity but what we’re really doing here is coaching people to be the best they can be and enjoy what they do. From the gymnasts who overcome challenges and learn through gymnastics through to our staff. However, there’s a group in between these two that I’m not sure if you know much about but they are some of the MOST awesome people and one of the best things we do! (Best kept secret eh?)
I’m talking about our Coach in Training (CIT) Scheme.
We run our own in-house training scheme for young people aged 12yrs+ to help them develop leadership and coaching skills. We provide initial training in what leadership and coaching is all about - what it looks like, what's important and why. They are then buddy-ed up with one of our coaches and help assist them in running classes. 
These young people are developing some serious awesome. They are a real asset to the classes, coaches and gymnasts they assist and they are helping us shape the way Affinity develops. We love the input they bring. And in return of course they are getting excellent training and experiences - we love seeing them grow in confidence and discover the joy of coaching and sharing their knowledge with others. When they are 14, they can take their first external coaching qualification and start to lead small sections of classes, then progress to L1 when they are 16, then take on an apprenticeship in the sport and then who knows - take over the world! Cool huh? Yikes we had better get setting up more Affinity’s for these awesome ones to lead in future hey? But it doesn’t have to lead to working within gymnastics - the skills they are developing will stand them in good stead for whatever they want to achieve and we’re super proud to help be able to develop this.
We’re looking for our next CIT members to start in November 2019 - so if you are (or will be by December) 12yrs old I invite you to apply by emailing to hello@affinitygymnastics.co.uk the following (or if you are an Affinity/Sapphire existing member please do this via your loveadmin account):
  1. What excites you about becoming a Coach in Training?
  2. What would be your greatest challenge being a Coach in Training?
  3. What class/es could you volunteer with weekly? (parents please help with this! This can be with gym, cheer or trampoline.  Have a look at the timetable on our website here).
The closing date for applications is Monday 30th September 2019, so don't delay!

Looking forward to seeing you all spreading more awesome in the new term :-)

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