Where is your athlete in their learning

Hands up who is LOVING the ‘new year new you!’ stuff that’s around at the moment?!

Or perhaps, who is a little tired, maybe at capacity and kinda want to go slow for a while?

It’s totally ok, whichever way you are feeling right now. If you’ve the energy for a new start – brilliant. It is a new decade after all (and I am sure it will be an exciting, opportunity filled one for us all). But its also totally natural if you aren’t feeling that – we forget sometimes that it is still winter. What is nature surrounding us with right now? Short days, long nights, barren landscapes. It’s a PAUSE.

And we need that PAUSE too.

To rest, reflect and contemplate where we’ve been and where we’ll go in future. To bed in what we’ve learnt. To have a well rested place to be able move forwards from when the time is right. If we push push push all the time – its overwhelming! We ultimately can’t sustain it and it doesn’t really result in what we really want long term.

It’s the same with our athletes. Time must be spent bedding in new skills and physical abilities before moving on to the next. Recognising what has been achieved is essential before being able to see (and set goals) towards the next things. Everyone loves learning new things in the same way we love summer and being out and about socialising on those long days wearing our flip flops (oh how I miss my flip flops!). But wow could you imaginge doing that all the time? Nope.

We need the change of the seasons. It’s natural. Athletes have natural periods and phases of growth, learning and then bedding in and reflecting too.
The best plan? Go with it. Enjoy each season of the year and what it brings – and teach our athletes to recognize these seasons within their learning and progress too.

Where are you at the moment and where is your athlete? email us on hello@affinitygymnastics.co.uk and let me know.

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