Why the Affinvitational is my favourite weekend of the year

By Founder Jen

Seriously, I can’t wait. I’m not exaggerating. Not even a little bit. Our ‘Awesome Affinity Invitational’ (entertainingly shortened to ‘Affinvitational’ after I tripped over my words in a meeting about it once) is the absolute highlight of my year.


Well there’s some perhaps more obvious reasons.  Like that it’s a ton of fun. I mean, come on. Put gymnasts in a room doing something they love, supported by coaches who love what they do, welcome family members to cheer everyone on and be proud - its never going to be a dull experience. Everyone has worked hard, looked forward to it and is excited to have a great day.

We really have pushed the envelope on how gymnastic events run and what they do for those involved. The Affinvitational is unique and over the years has developed in a number of innovative ways to support our specialist area of grass roots sport. There’s our group, all club warm up/dance party to start (with music chosen by the audience). That competing categories are co-ed and equal. Our special Affinity Superstar awards recognizing extra efforts. That the structure of the gymnastics skills performed makes it easy for gymnasts to learn and follow in a short amount of time (and that the coach can help!) so those that attend even hour a week can take part. That there are no real splits between clubs – all the coaches work together with all the gymnasts. Medals are awarded by walking up red carpets VIP style.

That our event provides this experience for gymnasts to achieve, grow in confidence and enjoy movement – all skills that will set them up for their lifetimes. Pretty cool stuff huh.

Then there’s perhaps the less obvious reasons.

For me, as the founder, this is the total realization of a vision. From it once it just being an idea, to then stand in that room and be surrounded by it all happening is out of this world incredible.

Turning a thought into a thing. And a good thing too, that benefits lots of others!

It literally doesn’t get much better than that. And that motivates me to do more and become more. It’s like lighting the touch paper under all those other ideas…

Now yes you might say well that’s nice for you. But actually I’m NOT the only one feeling this way. I know for sure there are many gymnasts (and for that matter, likely coaches, spectators and adults) at this event feeling at least a bit like this after being involved. Thinking for themselves, ‘well if I managed to go and do that… What else could I do? Thoughts starting to become things. Considering that perhaps something else is possible.

THAT really excites me possibly even more than all the dance party warm ups and cartwheels put together. Planting the seeds with the young people we teach -to believe in themselves and to dream up what else might be possible.

So, what’s next then? Hit reply (or comment etc if on social media post) and let me know what thoughts you’d like to become things, big or small. Lets do it!

Oh and definitely see you at the Affinivitational on 14th and 15th March 2020!

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