Jens reflections on a weekend with our Sapphire cheerleaders


I spent the weekend back at cheer comp, the first one I’ve been to as owner of a cheer club and 8 years since being at my last one as a cheerleader.

It was a FAB weekend and I’ve been reminded of a few reasons why we’re doing this:

1) Cheerleading is AWESOME.

What it gives to those involved is immense - friendships, confidence, teamwork, performance, athleticism and fitness, and enjoyment of movement and what we can do (and that’s just for starters).

Our athletes were seriously impressive - I was blown away with their performances and sportsmanship. 

2) Our cheer coaches are AWESOME.

Their knowledge, passion, commitment, care and understanding of what they do and how they look after their athletes and each other. And how they will now progress the teams through the season. 

3) The events are AWESOME.

Perform in an Olympic arena? Check.
Full on performance lights and music? Check.
Great seating and experience for spectators? Check.
Dance party to round it all up? Check. 

4) It’s MEGA FUN.

Like EVERY bit of it. 

And bonus 5) that I DO have the vision, passion and ability to progress this (and bring some of this ethos to gymnastics and our other activities also). Sooooo many ideas.

More exciting times ahead 😊

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