Whats the point of online classes


It's not the same as being in person.

No, it most certainly is not. I hear you! And I feel the pain too at not being able to be with you all in person. 
But, classes online are something different that is also of value. And not just because we can’t be in person right now.  I believe online learning is here to stay and for good reasons.
Here’s why online learning is supercharging our athletes:
  1. It actually works great over Zoom  

Seriously. Like, really well. This is where it’s actually more beneficial in places than what we would be doing in the gym.
  • We are spending a higher amount of time on physical fitness than we would at in-person classes where there’s big apparatus or team routines to learn.  
  • Technique coaching is really strong over video.  We’ve the time to explain why and to work on the details.  
  • Through online learning you’ve instantly got a whole class of suitable home-based exercises you can practise safely in your own time. The best athletes are those that keep practising.
Time spent on this style of training is worth it’s weight in gold for an athlete. It will not just keep things ticking over but super-charge progress for the future.
Don’t just take my word for it - go and check out the insta of an elite athlete you admire and look at how they have been training online or in isolation.
  1. Connections are made

Our world is still largely functioning, socially and in industry, over video call. We CAN still feel the energy of a group together on video. I’m sure we’ve all experienced that through the pandemic in various settings.  We may be a little zoom-fatigued at times, sure, but it is undeniable that we DO benefit from video calls.  It’s not just the connection – it’s the role models we encounter this way.
Coaches all over the world are passionate and motivated people. Add in the adaptation we’ve had to make and the strength we’ve been building as a result – these are the types of people you want to spend time with. It’s a glimmer of positivity in a challenging time. Teaching our kids to adapt and make the best of the situations we find ourselves in is a super useful life lesson – and coaches are showing the way.
  1. It’s time and money efficient

Back pre-pandemic, one of the biggest barriers we experienced within our members and prospective ones was time – finding a class at a suitable day/time and location. The juggle of families and kids and various activities is real! With online learning, less so. No rushed commute. No travel time. No dinners hurriedly consumed in the car on the way. Online – it fits into the day and family life easily. This might mean you get to do MORE classes. We’ve members attending ALL our online sessions in a week right now when previously they only attended one. That’s gotta lead to some serious progress, health and learning. And it doesn’t cost anymore than the one session. Win-win!
  1. It gives us access to global experts

We can ‘Zoom’ in the expertise of anyone in the world. Easily. No travel or logistics barriers or associated costs. We can pick the brains of, learn from and collaborate with all sorts of awesome people from our homes. We all learn more when we work together.
We’ve got an Olympian and Cirque du Soleil artist inspiring us in our online programme next month, plus a leading cheer coach guest teaching us skills. Our athletes and our own coaching team will gain so much from these experience that wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for online.

​Bonus item
  1. We NEED our very best physical, mental and emotional health.

Moving helps with literally everything we struggle with – pandemic or otherwise!
We can set ourselves and our kids up for an easier time and future success by being as physically active as we can. Now, you knew that. But it’s tough to do on your own at home. Live online classes help.


So… my invitation to you is to consider how online learning can work for you and your family.

We do of course have a fantastic online programme ourselves - if you want to have a look its here. Otherwise, consider what else you like doing or who you can connect with that may now be available online. Have fun with it!
Stay positive and strong this lockdown.

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