The Power of Inspiration

We’re back!

As i write, we’re just finishing our first week of reopening from what turned out to be a rather lengthy third lockdown. 

It’s been quite a time. 
But, we’re BACK. (Back again…)
I’ve been inspired by the classes this week - the smiling kids faces as they see each other, their coaches and most of all - the activities they get to do.
You can see their eyes lighting up at the prospect of it all. They stand taller, their confidence and excitement grows. It’s a joy to see and a powerful one too.
It’s reminded me how important it is to be engaged by what you are doing. If something grabs your attention and makes you feel alive - well, you are going to keep doing it and get great benefit from it. 
In sport, this benefit can be in sporting performance. The more you do something, the more you get ‘good’ at it.
But I’d argue that actually, thats NOT the primary goal here but more so a side benefit. That eyes-lit-up, smile-on-face, feeling good about yourself feeling is really what it’s all about. 
THAT feeling
is and leads to so much more. 
Sometimes we're so focused on the 'achievements' we can forget the journey and that actually, the process of it all is where we spend most of our time. So - why do anything other than enjoy it?!
Successful people tend to be those that enjoy what they do the most.  That spring in their step means they can better learn from the journey along the way. That's going to be one of my key inspirations for this next phase as we build our new futures together.
I’m excited to see what the kids in our classes can 'do' and 'be' next too. 

- - - -
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