Adult gymnastics is integral to the Gymnastics For All ethos at Affinity. Everyone can benefit from this sport and we welcome and support everyone to give it a try, beginners to ex gymnasts.

What happens at these classes?

Inspired by gymnastics shapes and abilities, GymFit is a fun fitness and conditioning class that’s open to all. It’s definitely not your average fitness class. Using a set of work cards, you can choose your own workout level. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned gymnast, you can advance at your own pace in a supportive environment. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wear a leotard!

If you’re just in it for the fitness, GymFit offers a great full-body workout that is genuinely fun; you won’t be getting bored of this one. GymFit is also a great choice for gymnasts who want to supplement their gymnastics training and keep up their fitness levels.

For those who want to take things a bit further and learn gymnastics skills we run classes in our Adult Gymnstics Classes.  - a small group led by a senior coach, with classes once a week for short blocks, usually around 4-7 weeks. We start with group warm-up and conditioning followed by some basic gymnastic floor skills all together, then we’ll have time for apparatus and your own chosen skills. Each skill is broken down into stages that build into full skills so it’s achievable and progressive. The small group allows us to tailor the activities to each participants needs and committing to a set of classes allows us to build strength and develop skills. We'll set individual goals and work towards them across the course. The progress made by a group across the weeks can be impressive! 


What can I achieve?

Whether you pick GymFit or the Adult Gymnastics class, the aims are the same – it’s about fun and fitness, trying and achieving something new you once thought wasn’t possible. Certainly different to the treadmill at the gym!

Where and when are these classes on?

Adult Gymnastics courses of approximately 4-7 weeks each at Affinity HQ - Plumpton Road. 

New course dates TBC and added soon.


GymFit – new start date pending Affinity HQ, Plumpton Road. 
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