121 and Online Gymnastics

Ever wanted some extra tuition to help achieve a skill? Maybe you currently attend classes and want to progress faster. Maybe you take part in another activity and would like to learn some gymnastics skills to further your other interests. We offer individual classes with our coaches at a time to suit. These can be either 121, or shared with up to three people. We can also offer small group classes or short courses for groups and individuals - click on the contact us button to let us know what you'd like and we'll get to work!

*New* We're now able to offer gymnastics coaching using the wonder of the internet. So wherever you are in the world, we can help. Perhaps you don't live close to us or have the ability to attend class with us. Or maybe you are one of our gymnasts who practises at home and could do with a bit of input to progress. Get in touch to arrange a trial.

What happens at these classes?

​These classes are tailored exactly to your needs. We can help with a wide range of skills and aspirations. 

​For the online classes, we work either in real time using FaceTime or Skype, or we can analyse videos you send us of your skills and return them to you with coaching points and action plans.

What 121 class times do you have available?

At HQ we have two schedules for 121's, term time and holiday classes. The holiday class 121 slots can be found with the holiday camp schedule each time - check this out here.
As for term time we have the following regular slots:
Mondays 6-6:30pm with Dan
Mondays 6:30-7pm with Dan
Tuesdays 5:45-6:16pm with Emma or Denise
Thursdays 5:45-6:15pm with Emma or Dan
Saturdays 3-3:30pm with Dan or Eleanor

Classes with club leader Jen at various times by arrangement.


Where are these classes held?

121 classes are generally run at Affinity HQ – Plumpton Road, Hoddesdon, but can be held at our other locations or at a location of your choice if you have a space in mind.

Online classes are taken over the internet - you just need a suitable space to work in and the ability to video your work and view our videos in return.
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