Tumbling and Acro Classes

Gymnastics is such a broad sport; from running to dancing, flipping to rolling, climbing on big apparatus to twirling hand apparatus, working on your own or part of a team. We love the range of activities and skills our sport has to offer.

But do you ever wish you could focus just on your favourite bits? Have a bit more time to really work on an area of your choice? 

What happens at these classes?

​We’re offering the following classes:
  • Tumbling – floor and flight skills from cartwheels and handstands to round offs and walkovers, back flips and somersaults.

What can I achieve?

Choosing activities that appeal (you have an ‘Affinity’ for!) means more motivation, fun and achievement. Take these classes alongside a core class to really progress your skills or as a standalone class.​​
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Where and when are these classes on?

Tumbling 'Super Springers' (7-9 yrs)
Monday 4:20-5:20pm at Sheredes Primary School

Tumbling 'Dynamites' (10+ yrs)
Wednesday 4:50-6:20pm at Affinity HQ, Plumpton House