We are beyond excited to bring you AffinityFit.
It’s an online membership for adults (16+), fusing fun movement sessions with mindset teaching and community support. Together we’ll enable you to effortlessly integrate the benefits of movement into your day to day life with joy.
We’re looking for our first founder members to join us at discounted rates and there are special bonuses on offer.

Enrolment is open until midnight on Sunday 1st November. *UPDATE* Following the government annoucement on 31st October, this will remain open for longer, new closing date to be advised ASAP.

When does it start:  November 2020
Location: A Zoom room location of your own choice and our own comfy FB forum.

It’s for you if: 

You’ve become more inactive than you might like to be – maybe through working at home or other changes and challenges in 2020 and need help to get the positive benefits of moving into your life.


You had a poor experience of PE or sports in the past and it’s really knocked your confidence. You see others moving and doing fun activities and secretly would LOVE to be able to do those kinds of things, but have no idea where to start – or even if you can.


You like exercise when you do it and know it’s good for you, but it can be difficult and bit of a chore to actually get done regularly. It’s yet another thing to fit in. You’d love for it to be easier and to feel more motivated.


You don’t resonate with the fitness industry and the intensity and style of traditional offerings for adults. You’d love for there to be a different style of movement that’s more supportive, engaging, adaptive and fun – something you want to get involved in.

We can help with that AND its going to be fun!

Who are we?

Hi! My name is Jen and I’m the founder of Affinity. As a team, we’re all about joy and fun in movement and how that activates your inner awesomeness.

We’ve been teaching this to mainly kids though gymnastics and cheerleading for over 15 years. But really, through this I’ve seen that us as adults need it too (in fact, maybe more than the kids!).

Movement is everything. It helps in so much. It’s helped me so much too – in leading this team, developing our ideas and in keeping me (almost!) sane. I’m waaaay fitter physically, mentally and emotionally now through what I’ve learnt and implemented about moving and it’s my honor to bring that to you.

​I’ll be your ‘host’ on AffinityFit, assisted by other members of our team who also share and walk the AffinityFit talk.


Why IS exercise often a challenge for adults?

I think that’s partly down to us as adults and partly down to the activities on offer.
We’re busy! We’ve often got a lot to do and exercise can get left by the wayside. Maybe we’ve had poor experiences of exercise earlier in life. Or injuries, or health concerns that make things challenging. Our confidence is knocked.
The culture around us doesn’t help. Sport is often seen as something for kids or younger people. Its far too acceptable for us as adults to lead busy laptop-inactive lives and for us to believe it simply isn’t for us.
But then we want the benefits. We want good health. We want to fully experience life. We know moving helps us do this.

What’s the AffinityFit Hack for this?

Firstly, we hate exercise. We like to call it movement instead. Let’s just go move a bit. Doesn’t that feel lighter and easier already?

Secondly, we make it fun. If something is engaging, positive and enjoyable – you’ll want to do it. Then you’ll want to do it more. Then you’ll get better at it. It’s a positive spiral upwards into improved confidence, in yourself and your body.

Thirdly, we do it together. The power of a group and ongoing teamwork can never be underestimated.


What’s included:

Weekly movement classes – inspired by gymnastics and our Affinity ethos of sharing joy and fun in movement with the best bits borrowed from kids’ sport. Each session will include a fun game-based warm up to get started, strength and flexibility exercises, a creative flow section where you can work and develop skills at your own pace and explore how your body CAN move. We’ll finish with a fun cool down and a challenge for you to practice through the week and bring to the next session. You can join sessions live and interactive via Zoom, or you can follow along with the recording at a time that suits you – or even repeat your favorite classes.  Over time, you’ll build up a library of activities you can use in your own time. You just need a yoga-mat sized space at home, no special kit needed (and you can even turn your camera off if you prefer more privacy).

Monthly mindset session – led by Jen or a visiting expert. Week one each month we’ll kick off with a topic to think about across the month. We’ll have loads of top tips on shifting your mindset into a place that will support you in integrating the positive benefits of moving into your day to day life.

Monthly catch up social and Q&A – in week 3 every month. We’ll have a cuppa and a catch up on how we’re doing, celebrate wins, solve problems and you can pick Jen and the Affinity Team’s brains about anything.

Bonus – 10 min transition exercises. These are shorter bite sized activities you can do throughout your day. We’ll vary up the days and times these are on – expect one or two a week.

Plus – all the benefits of the community with you.  It’s going to be a positive, supportive and fun space where we’ll all be encouraged to share our #littlewins and to work together.


What does it cost?

As a founder member, this is the opportunity to get onboard with special founder member discount pricing, that we’ll lock in for the duration of your membership. We’ve got great bonuses too!

There are two options:

Pay monthly - £25 per month

Pay annually - £300  £200. Plus a bonus 121 30 min set up session with Jen to go over your goals, get you ready for fun and success, or test out any specific activities that may help you the most.

These prices will not be seen again in future!

Join Jen and #TeamAffinity for a supportive dose of our positivity and passion for making movement fun for all.


Looking forward to seeing you soon. If you’ve any questions, no matter how small, please email hello@affinitygymnastics.co.uk 
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