Freestyle Gymnastics Classes 
(Age from full time school 4yrs -16yrs+)

Dan, Freestyle Gymnastics department leader welcomes you…


What are these classes all about

This is a more fluid, adventurous style of gymnastics.

At Affinity, our take on this is to fuse traditional gymnastics skills with parkour, freerunning, tricking and ninja skills.

It’s open to all but we find it is particularly attractive to boys (but we of course love that we have Freestyle girls we have in the club too!).

Freestyle sports are dynamic and exciting, gaining popularity within the UK for providing participants with the ability to express themselves creatively through movement and an incredible range of tricks. 

Check out our TOP TEN reasons why we like freestyle gymnastics 

1.  It's fun!  Soooo much fun.  I can not stress this enough.  Time to play!

2.  We use various apparatus to develop the full range of gymnastics skills including flexibility, balance, Free flowing and allows us to move more. There’s more learning by doing and less sitting around thinking about it - you just go for it!

3.  Creativity. Combinations of skills. Inventing new tricks and combinations. The skills aren’t rigid, they are owned by the performers and new ways of performing them are encouraged. We love the technical side of gymnastics but here the performers are in charge and not a judging system. Want to do that skill onto one leg, with a different shape, into something else? You got it.

4.  Challenge - right, so who can jump the furthest between two blocks? Who now wants to have a go? EVERYONE. Are you motivated to push the block a little bit further, stretch yourself a little more? Totally.

5.  Adventure - run risk taking in a safe environment. Yes you see freestyle type movements done outside. But come into the gym and learn first, new innovative types of gymnastics equipment replicate the outside (often hard, concrete) environment with soft, safe foam matting. That risk is safe but still exhilarating.

6.  Doesn’t matter what it looks like. Actually, sometimes the movement is more effective if it’s really ‘gone for’ and isn’t all pretty and perfect. The freestyle gymnasts can do these skills waaaaay better than we can with our traditional gymnastics training. (Not that us female coaches can’t do the freestyle skills, we just look a little too perfect where the freestyle performers look cool).

7.  Strength. The gymnasts in freestyle are doing chin-ups and muscle ups with ease. Put your hand up if you are an artistic gymnast and jealous of that. (…..put your hand up if you are in any sport and jealous of that!).

8.  Social. The freestyle gymnasts relate to and support each other in a different way to those in traditional classes. The environment just works for them. They are comfortable and confident and the sky is the limit with that attitude.

9.  No limits. This has always been a part of our club philosophy - anything is possible. Freestyle really fits with this and removes even more limits and barriers to our sport. A child who may not progress well at ‘traditional’ gymnastics can really excel at freestyle. The sport is getting wider and more accessible.

10.  Opportunity. What it does for our club and spreading our message. We’ve lots many members (mainly boys although girls are welcome too) in freestyle who wouldn’t be enjoying gymnastics (or possibly even other sports) otherwise. It’s a new way for us to grow and meet the needs of our community.

Oh and It’s fun. Did I say that already?!

What happens at these classes?​

Freestyle Gymnastics is an active class! ​

Classes include a large circuit on floor and apparatus to warm up, followed by three apparatus rotations using floor, vault, wall and tricking.

​Freestyle Gymnastics gets your body moving in ways never thought possible. It will get your heart racing and develop a heightened sense of spatial awareness that can be put to use in many other sports and activities.

When are these classes on?

Freestyle Gymnastics  4-6yrs

Monday 4:00-4:45pm Goffs Churchgate Academy

Freestyle Gymnastics  7-9yrs

Monday 4:40-5:40pm Goffs Churchgate Academy

Freestyle Gymnastics  10+ yrs

Monday 5:35-7:05pm Goffs Churchgate Academy

Pre-school Freestyle Gymnastics - (Independent class for 3-5 year olds)

Mini Ninja's 1:00-1:45pm Affinity HQ

FULL timetable here

Where are these classes on

Freestyle classes are held at:
Goffs Churchgate Academy, Cheshunt

...where we've use of the gym space and its AMAZING fully fitted sprung floor.

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