Freestyle Gymnastics

Freestyle sports are dynamic and exciting, gaining popularity within the UK for providing participants with the ability to express themselves creatively through movement and an incredible range of tricks. To help capture the power and explosive nature of freestyle, British Gymnastics has developed a new club-based activity, which comes indoors and introduces a range of freestyle-specific equipment and training techniques to take your trick learning, to a new level.
Freestyle Gymnastics fuses traditional gymnastic and acrobatic tricks, with kicks and leaps made famous through martial arts and brought to worldwide attention by festival performers and stunt actors.

What happens at these classes?

Freestyle Gymnastics is an active class! ​Typically classes start with a warm-up circuit of activities round the gym using floor and apparatus. Then we'll stretch out and do some fun conditioning exercises or review previously learnt moves. Then each week we'll forcus on learning at least one traditional gymnastics skill and one fresstyle specific skill. Then theres time at the end of the class for review, where you get to choose the skills to practice.

What can I achieve?

Freestyle Gymnastics gets your body moving in ways never thought possible. It will get your heart racing and develop a heightened sense of patial awareness that can be put to use in many other sports and activities.

When are these classes on?

All take place at Goffs CHURCHGATE Academy, which has amazing sprung floor.  The classes are split into three age groups:


Freestyle Gymnastics (4-6yrs)

Monday 16:00-16:45 Goffs CHURCHGATE Academy

Freestyle Gymnastics (7-9yrs) 

Monday 16:40-17:40 Goffs CHURCHGATE Academy

Freestyle Gymnastics (10+yrs)

Monday 17:35-19:05 Goffs CHURCHGATE Academy

Pre-school Freestyle Gymnastics - (Independent class for 3-5 year olds) for class details click here.

Adults - 16yrs +
TBC - we'd love to run a weekend workshop for Freestyle Gymnastics for adults. Please let us know if you are interested.

Where are these classes held?

Classes are run at Goffs Academy, Goff's Ln, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross EN7 5QW


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