Q: What is on offer at Affinity? 
A:  Check out our class infographic:

Q: What is Affinity all about?
A:  Top 10 things to know about us:

1. Affinity is all about FUN. Whatever level the gymnast we believe you’ve got to enjoy what you do first, then progress will happen. We encourage and support everyone in our organization (gymnast, coach, guardian) to enjoy what they do.
2. Everyone is welcome. We believe gymnastics is for ALL and are dedicated to living and breathing this message.
3. We LOVE gymnastics and will share our passion with you.
4. It matters not one bit how ‘good’ you are. We create self-confidence and belief in all our members – you CAN do anything you put your mind to.
5. Affinity is a friendly, welcoming and supportive environment. You are safe here!
6. We appreciate everyone involved at Affinity and LOVE celebrating anything and everything.
7. It’s important to us that we provide the best service that we can. If you’ve ever any issues or feedback please communicate with us, your feedback (and your ideas!) are essential for us to improve and grow. We can also fix most issues quickly – if we know about them.
8. Our sport is becoming increasingly diverse with new styles and activities and we love including all these innovative ideas into our classes.
9. We’ve incredible staff and coaches who are all experts in their areas of gymnastics and are leading the development of our sport.
10. We live our motto of ‘Aspire, Achieve and Advance’ and will always follow our own dreams to make Affinity bigger and better. We’re excited and grateful to have you with us on this journey.

Q: You have lots of classes. I’m confused! Which is for me?
A:  Yes there’s a lot on offer!  A good start point is your childs age - we group gymnasts based on age first but also on ability once we know them.  We have various different types of gymnastic and related activities at Affinity as follows:
General gymnastics– a bit of everything. Floor and large apparatus work on bars, beam, vault and tumble track.
Tumbling gymnastics– all on the floor or sprung tumble track, it's all about dynamic movements and linking them all together.
Freestyle gymnastics– think parkour. A blend of traditional gymnastics and free running movements, Aerobic and adventurous.
Trampolining – On competition standard trampolines (different to the trampoline parks!) learn bouncing and airborn moves on the trampoline.
Cheerleading – in partnership with Sapphire Elite Cheerleaders, we offer both recreational and competitive teams.
Holiday camps– open to all members and non members, these are longer classes held in school holidays where we get to be even more creative and make even more progress. Members receive a discounted rate for these.

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to advise further.
Q: How are classes billed?
A: Although many clubs (including us in the past!) charge a full terms fees in advance at the beginning of each term, we've found this approach makes life harder for parents in asking for a greater outlay each term and often at the points in the year you'd rather be using that income elsewhere (summer holidays, Christmas times). Instead we like to help out by spreading payments equally across the year. The additional benefit is that you do not need to re-enrol each term to keep your place - charging monthly allows us to guarantee your place on an ongoing basis. Fees are collected monthly by direct debit. Each location has a balanced programme of dates which accounts for the main school holidays and all dates are published in advance of each term. The monthly membership fee remains the same each month, the fixed cost allowing you to spread the cost evenly throughout the year and avoiding the burden of unpredictable fees.

Monthly membership covers the following:

Access to your term time class (generally 39 classes a year).
Club annual membership.
Badge and certificate per term.
Discount on all holiday camps

We'll ask you for a deposit of one months fees upfront plus the current months fee (pro rated if you join mid way through a month). The deposit is held by us and used as your eventual final months membership with us. The monthly fee is the same each month regardless 
There is only one additional fee and that’s a membership fee, paid on access to the club and then annually in September. This is £13.50 for a full year (it’s usually pro rated in April for new joiners mid year) and directly covers the cost of individual UKG membership.

Q: How much are memberships?
A:  These are based on the length of class you attend as follows:
45 min class: £32.50 per month.
60 min class: £38.10 per month.
90 min class: £48.95 per month.
120 min class: £55.00 per month
Competitive Gymnastics (Levels 8+) training: £90.65 per month.
Q: Is there a membership fee?
A: Yes – but its only the direct cost of UKG affiliation. We don’t add onto this, everything else is included in your monthly fee.
Q: Do you offer trial classes?
A:  In a round about way - yes. We of course want to make sure you are happy and your child enjoys class with us. We'll ask you to sign up to a membership and pay the deposits etc, however if you sign up and it isn’t for you after your first one or two classes, we will refund the rest of the fees paid. So in a sense, you can attend your first couple of classes risk free.
Q: Can I stay and watch?
A:  Yes and no! At Affinity HQ we have a small reception area but you may find this busy at some class times, so you may prefer to leave during the class. However if you feel you need to stay then you are welcome, especially during first classes. The exception to this is pre-school classes where we may need you to be present for any toilet trips. At Sheredes Primary unfortunately there is no viewing area.
Q: Where is the gym located and is there parking?
A:  Affinity HQ is in Plumpton House, which is the tallest green building on Plumpton Road just before the Rawmec Business park. Access is at the rear of the building, via a white door with our logo on. Please do not access via the front glass doors as the building is a bit of a maze and you may never find us! Use the intercom system at the rear to gain access, press ’26’ and ‘call’ and we’ll let you in. We are on the 1st floor, come up the steps, through the green double doors and immediate right into our reception area. If you need assistance up to us there is a lift available, please call us on 07507 418370 and we’ll come to assist you. Toilets are located at the end of the corridor; turn right at the top of the stairs.

Parking: Limited parking is available at the rear of the building, in unmarked bays only and please do not park in front of other business shutters – help us maintain a good relationship with our neighbours. Alternative parking is available at the front of the building next to the New River or you may prefer to park in a local residential street (Ogard Road) and walk to us – there is a walkway by the side of Plumpton House. Please take care when walking round to the rear of the building.

Some of our classes are held at our satellite sites of Sheredes Primary School and John Warner Sports Centre – please check which location your class is in before travelling.
Q: What do I wear?
A:  We want everyone to feel comfortable at class and make things as easy as possible so we don’t have a compulsory uniform. Please ensure clothing is suitable for gymnastics, this means soft clothes (no zips or fasteners or denim) that are well fitting. Shorts/leggings and t-shirt is ideal. Leotards are even better and you are welcome to wear any type. Ensure all clothes are well fitting and appropriate, please avoid strappy and low cut tops. Crop tops are ok but if you choose to wear this to class we ask that you also bring along a t-shirt – if our coaches need to support you physically during a skill we’ll ask you to cover your back and stomach for safety. Everyone works in bare feet in the gym and all jewelry must be removed. New piercings can be taped for the 6 weeks it takes to heal but must be removed after that. Make sure long hair is tied back and bring a drink with you.
We have club uniform items available to purchase, to order please complete and return the form, find all the details here.
Q: How long is the waiting list?
A:  It depends on the age group. Some areas of the club have no waiting list and some do. Contact us and we can advise – we’re always expanding our club to offer more classes.
Q: How do I book into a class?
A:  You can register your interest directly onto our system here. Or drop us an email to hello@affinitygymnastics.co.uk. You can also give us a ring on 01992 466295 but please bear in mind we don’t have a member of staff answering this all the time. You can leave us a message and we’ll get back to you, but email is our preferred method of communication and where we can usually help you faster.

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