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Facebook Q&A on re-enrolment 2018

Q&A Summary

Q: What happens with Monday classes as they have Bank Holidays (Or for anyother classes that have Public Holidays)?
A: As this doesnt affect us until we are well into 2019 we still haven't completed the finer details of this. However it is our intention to ensure customers that are affected are given credit for holiday classes, which will effectively more than cover the shortfall.

Q: Is there a price increase?
A: The only change in pricing is that we have had to add a card processing fee for the change in payments which is 3%.

Q: What if I want to move classes?
A: Email us at as soon as possible so that we can hopfully find you the best alternative class

Q: The class on my invoice is not what I expected
A: This is normally when your child is due to move up a class, eg from pre-school to general afterschool classes, or they're turning 7 and are moving up to the next stage class etc. We will have emailed you to ask for your preferences, but it may be that we have not heard back from you, so we have defaulted you to a class. Or that perhaps your first choice class is currently full. Please email us at as soon as possible so that we can hopfully find you the best alternative class

Q: What if I don't want to re-enrol?
A: We'll be sad to see you leave, however we understand that circumstances may change. Please work with us and let us know so that we can allow the coaches to say goodbye to your child and wish them well. We will generally send emails to those customers that we have not heard from and then untimately remove gymnasts from class after the re-enrolment deadline. We do this as we know parents have busy lives and often have many things to juggle, and if you've genuinly forgotten, it's always nice to get a prompt.

Q: What if I have a credit on my account?
A: Please pay your deposit payment as normal and then we will amend your September payment to take account of any credit owed.

Q: Can I pay for holiday classes by direct debit?
A: Customers will be able to do this from our October Holiday classes, however not for our Summer Holiday classes. We will be completeing our Summer classes on our old system as our accounting year ends at the end of August.

Q: Do I have to pay by monthly direct debit?
A: The short answer is yes, all members will now need to pay by direct debit.

Q: How is the monthly amount calculated?
A: We have worked this out as the class price x 39 classes per year, then adding on Affinity Club Annual Fee, Badge and certificate fees for the year and Regional Affiliation for the year and then dividing that by 12 for each month of the year. (But remember there's also then the 3% card processing fee on top).

Q: How will any future changes be communicated?
A: We will communicate with you in the normal way, by email, giving you advance notification.

Q: Is there a change to the Terms and Conditions?
A: Yes, as we have made some substantial changes, we have updated our Terms and conditions accordingly. They can always be viewed under your account details but they can also be viewed here.