Q:  HOW DOES IT WORK? The Terms and Conditions 

A:     By registering for our classes you are also confirming for the participating gymnast (whether that be for a child or yourself as an adult gymnast) that you agree to our terms and conditions.  Please ensure you read all the appropriate sections below.  
Q:   How does it all work?
A:     For all of our termly classes we now work out a monthly plan for ALL members.  For each class attended, we calculate the cost of attending the classes for the entire year (taking into consideration termly and half-termly breaks) and divide this entire payment over 12 months of the year.  Our monthly plan includes class fees, Affinity Club membership, Regional Affiliation and badge/certificate fees.  Gymnasts must also have British Gymnastics Membership (either Bronze or Pre-school), which must be paid directly to British Gymnastics (details given when starting classes).
An initial deposit payment of one month’s fees will be taken followed by a payment on the 1st of each month.  This deposit will form your last month’s membership when you eventually decide to leave us. We’re confident you will love our classes and will want to stay with Affinity.  However, if after 2 classes you really don’t like gymnastics with us, we will refund the deposit and the remainder of the first month’s fees at this point.  You must decide this by 2 weeks though as after 3 weeks the term fees and membership become non-refundable. So please keep us informed as to how you and your gymnast are getting on, to avoid unnecessary charges and help us to help you.  Should you start mid-month your initial payment will include a pro-rata payment for your first month along with the deposit.
The initial Payment must be received in advance before attending any classes.
Q:   Do I need to re-enrol for the next term?
A:     No, with our rolling monthly billing, your gymnast will remain in classes, until you tell us you no longer wish to be in class.
Q:   Can I still pay by cash or cheque?
A:     Unfortunately, our new billing by direct-debit does not allow for payments by cash or cheque.
Q:   How do I pay for holiday classes, competitions, 121’s or events?
A:     If you are currently a member of Affinity Gymnastics and we have your payment details, this will be taken via direct debit. We will send you confirmation of the payment that will be requested and which date that payment will be taken.  If you are new to the club, we will send you a confirmation email and details of how to set up payment for these classes.
Q:   What if I wish to cancel a holiday class booking or 121 class?
A:     HOLIDAYS CLASSES: If you need to cancel a holiday class, we will fully refund this if you give us more than 30 days notice. If you give us at least 14 days notice we'll refund 50% of the fee. If you give us at least 7 days notice we'll refund 25% of the fee. If you cancel within 7 days of the class, the fee is not refundable.
121 CLASSES: If you need to cancel a 121 lesson, we will refund this if you give us more than 48 hours notice. If you give us between 24-48 hours notice we'll refund half the fee. If you cancel within 24 hours of the class, the fee is not refundable.
Q:   Must I have BG Membership?
A:     It is a condition of participation that ALL gymnasts attending regular classes (except parent/child classes) MUST have BG membership. This will require direct registration with British Gymnastics (BG). You will be sent details on how to ensure your registration and the costs involved.
Q:   What happens when I want to leave?
A:     You need to notify us, by email to hello@affinitygymnastics.co.uk, by the end of the current calendar month that you wish to leave and cancel your direct debit. The following calendar month is then the notice period and your initial deposit payment is then used for this. You may still attend classes up until the end of this month.
Q:   When are the Badge Testing Dates?
A:     Gymnasts are normally tested for badge levels the week before and the week after half term.  Should gymnasts be absent for both of these dates, we will be unable to award their next level badge.  In this case, we will ensure gymnasts are awarded with an achievement certificate to recognize their hard work.  Badges are then awarded in the last week of each school term. Should you join the term after the badge testing weeks we’ll award an achievement certificate that term and start work on the first Affinity awards the following term. We’re unable to award a badge to you if you are no longer a member in the last week of term.
Q:   What happens if a class has to change?
A:     Affinity Gymnastics reserve the right to offer a suitable alternative class in the case in the event of a cancellation that is out of our control, eg snow, access or safety issues etc.
Q:   What about changing up a class level?
A:     We review all classes monthly and will invite your child to join a different class level when they are eligible by age and/or we feel they are suited to the next class. We’ll contact you to arrange a suitable class day and time. Once you accept, we’ll confirm the date of the move plus alter your direct debit amount as needed to account for any increase in the monthly fee plus the difference in deposit held.
Q:   What if I miss a payment?
A:     Failed payments may be subject to an administration charge of £20 as it takes us time and resources to check and chase payments.  If your account is showing as overdue we will notify you via email of the amount. If we do not hear from you we will send a further email reminder. If we receive no correspondence from you we will issue a final reminder via email/letter.  If we receive no correspondence after the final reminder your account will be passed over to a debt collection company and will incur interest on your account of 5% and a £35 administration charge. This may affect your credit rating so please work with us to not reach this stage.  We reserve the right to remove gymnasts from classes until payments have been brought up to date.
Q:   What if I’ve a question or are unhappy?
A:     If you are unhappy with anything Affinity Gymnastics related please contact us via email at your earliest convenience so we can try to resolve any issues quickly and satisfactorily. We'll always do our very best for you. If we have any issues with your gymnast's conduct at class we’ll work with you to manage this. We may unfortunately have to ask your gymnast to leave if we have been unable to resolve any issues. 
Q:   What if my gymnast has an injury or long term illness and can’t participate?
A:     We are able to ‘freeze’ your membership payment and class place for one month if you provide a doctors certificate to confirm that you are unable to participate. After this, we’ll need to remove you from class and refill your place. We’ll work with you to find a place for you when you are able to return but unfortunately can’t guarantee this.
Q:   My schedule has changed, can I change class?
A:     Of course! Should your circumstances change and you wish to move your gymnast's class, we will always do our best to find them a suitable alternative class, however this is subject to availability and a £10 administration fee. 
Q:   What is your code of conduct? What do I need to wear? How does everything work at class?
A:     Please grab a cuppa and read through our Affinity Welcome Magazine which explains all. By signing up to our services you confirm that you have read and understood Affinity’s Welcome Magazine (http://www.affinitygymnastics.co.uk/flipbook/?page=1) which contains information pertaining to classes at Affinity Gymnastics and forms our terms and conditions and code of conduct (This is in the process of being re-written – July 2018).
last updated 9th July 2018