Holiday Workshops 
(Age from full time school 4yrs -16yrs)

EVERYONE welcome …


What are these classes all about

They say a change is as good as a rest, so we like to switch things up in the school holidays. Our usual schedule stops during the Hertfordshire school holidays and instead we offer a range of workshops and 121's in the holidays - it’s a great chance to try something different or to do a longer class than normal.

All are welcome - we LOVE introducing newbies to the sport in these sessions plus for members we offer a discounted rate so you've no excuse to not join us for extra training.

These are fully structured, expert-led coached sessions. We don't offer 'soft play' non-instructed activities or arts and crafts at our sessions - its very much a sport instruction setting and not your typical 'holiday camp' childcare setting. That being said, there is an option to stay across lunchtime so the full day does provide an element of child-care should you need it.


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What happens at these classes?

Affinity HQ - Plumpton House, Hoddesdon

General Gymnastics
General gymnastics is lots of fun! Our holiday classes use the floor and ALL the apparatus, vault, bars & beam, Suitable for all ages from 5+

Bars & Beams
Do you LOVE using the apparatus at gym and wish you could spend all class on it? As requested by some of our gymnasts, now you can! Here's a special class which focuses only on bars and beam skills. Swing and circle round the bars, balance and tumble on the beam. You'll choose targeted skills and we'll make use of all our bar and beam apparatus to achieve your goals.  Suitable for all ages from 5+

Family Fit
FamilyFit is the amazing activity for you to keep active with your children.  You’ll get to do lots of different challenges and you even get to swing on the bars together.  This class is designed to challenge everyone, at a level suitable for each individual...and most of all, IT’S GREAT FUN!  Suitable for ALL fitness levels and ages.  [If booking for 1 adult and 1 child - use the booking button below.  If booking for more adults or children - please pop us an email to hello@affinitygymnastics with which session you'd like to book and we can ensure that we apply a reduction to your session price]

Goffs Academy Churchgate, Cheshunt

Tumbling Gymnastics
Tumbling is really popular at Affinity and Sapphire.  Think cartwheels, aerials, back flips, round offs, somersaults, If you've been learning any of these (or want to!) why not book your place now, Suitable for ALL skill levels and ages from 5+
Freestyle Gymnastics
At Affinity Gymnastics, Freestyle gymnastics is one of our favourites, So what makes it different to general gymnastics? Think parkour, free running tricks with some gymnastics to bring it all together! Come and see what cool things Coach Dan has planned in our holiday classes! Suitable for ALL skill levels and ages from 5+
Both locations
121 Private Classes 
For those who are committed to working hard on their skills, why not work directly with a coach to aid improvement.  An intense session to enhance progression and see real improvement.  Focusing on the gymnasts aims with expert and tailored advice.  It's not just for club members, many of our 121 gymnasts are dancers, freerunners, fitness professionals and stunt people all wishing to improve certain skills.  Take the class on your own or even share with a friend!


When are these classes on?

SPECIAL NOTE: 19th December 2020

Due to new Tier 4 restrictions - we unfortunately have to CANCEL our Holiday Workshops commencing 21st Jan - we have sent emails to those who have already booked.

Holiday Workshops run every half-term and school holiday, when our usual term-time classes aren't running.

Where are these classes on

All holiday workshops are held at:
Affinity HQ
Goffs Churchgate Academy

Pop over to our 'Where are we' page for more details


£10 for 1 hour sessions
£15 for 1½ hour sessions
£20 for 2 hour sessions

AFFINITY MEMBERS - if you have credit from earlier this year, please pop an email to Hayley@affinitygymnastics.co.uk to book your space using credit instead of being charged for the class.

How to Book

Please pop us an email to hello@affinitygymnastics.co.uk to check availability and to arrange booking your place.


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