​​How it works

​At Affinity, how things work is as important to us as the physical skills are. We like to keep our classes fun and effective and our admin organised and clear.

Here's a little more info on how we do key things.



The little wins are as important to us as the big ones. We like to celebrate it all and there's a few ways we do this:

Stickers - younger children are rewarded with a colourful Affinity sticker each week
Star of the week - classes for older children have a star of the week sticker, chosen by each coach for someone who has demonstrated great work. This can be for progress in a physical skill, or for attitude or for helping others - essentially anything relating to our Affinity values
Affinity Superstar - each term, we choose an overall Affinity superstar per class. It's like the star of the week but for dedicated progress across the term. It's often really hard to pick!
End of term celebration ceremonies - at the end of each term we invite you all in to watch a short display and celebrate our awarding of badges and certificates. 
Plus extra surprises along the way.... 

Class Structure and Ethos

Although each activity is a little different, there are some unifying concepts across all Affinity classes: We get and keep everyone active - no waiting around. 

We break skills down into preps, progressions and drills for best learning. We listen to and then teach the athletes to develop their own awareness of what and how to improve. 

We all work together to support each other. Skills are learnt on the floor first - most classes have more floor time than apparatus. Often we run a two week lesson plan so skills are introduced one week then developed the next.

Availability list 
... we have NO WAITING LIST!

If we don’t have a space for you in class we add you to our availability list - and once a month we email everyone on this list with all our available spaces then it's first come first served to take up class places that suit you. 

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