Our Membership

We drill into our membership to tell you how it works and how much it should cost you.


How does it work?

Monthly Membership

Instead of billing termly, we operate a monthly membership with fees collected by direct debit via a service called GoCardless.  Your gymnast's place with us is then secure until you decide you would like to leave.

The monthly membership fee will include access to your gymnast’s term-time class, all badge fees and club membership. The only additional fees due will be for your UK Gymnastics membership which is paid separately and then forwarded to them. 

Our classes still run on a termly basis but payments are spread across all 12 months in order to help you and us with budgeting.
We take all fees for the year (39 term time weeks), class fees, badge fees, club membership and roll it all together into one simple monthly fee, by dividing this across 12 months.​

Do you offer trial classes?

In a round about way - yes.  

We of course want to make sure you are happy and your child enjoys class with us.  We'll ask you to sign up to a membership and pay the deposits etc, however if you sign up and it isn’t for you after your first one or two classes, we will refund the rest of the fees paid. So in a sense, you can attend your first couple of classes risk free.

Benefits of our monthly membership

Lower monthly payments as the annual fees are split over 12 months
No Large Termly bills - Consistent billing all year round to aid household budgets
Additional member benefits: Discounted Holiday Camp sessions (member price £16.50 per session, non-members £22.50 per session)  You can find out more holiday class information here.

How are classes billed?

Instead of large termly bills, the monthly fee is paid on 1st month, over 12 months.

We'll ask you for a deposit of one months fees upfront plus the current months fee (pro rated if you join mid way through a month). The deposit is held by us and used as your eventual final months membership with us. The monthly fee is the same each month regardless.

There is only one additional fee and that’s a membership fee, paid on access to the club and then annually in September. This is £13.50 for a full year (it’s usually pro rated in April for new joiners mid year) and directly covers the cost of individual UKG membership.

How much are memberships?

These are based on the length of class you attend as follows:
45 min class: £32.50 per month.
60 min class: £38.10 per month.
90 min class: £48.95 per month.
120 min class: £55.00 per month
Competitive Gymnastics (Levels 8+) training: £90.65 per month.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes – but its only the direct cost of UKG affiliation. We don’t add onto this, everything else is included in your monthly fee.

(Please note that competitive athletes and gymnasts have additional costs associated when entering competitions, details of which are communicated in advance).

Is that everything?

If you'd like to read our Terms and Conditions (we promise that they're explained in easy to read terminology!) It covers more questions like:
Can I still pay by cash or cheque?
Must I have UK Gymnastics Membership?
What happens when I want to leave?
What if I miss a payment?

Follow the link to read it here

​If you have any further questions, that arent covered in our T&C's please do contact us
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