Affinity Gymnastics Version 2.0 ONLINE

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Affinity stands for joy and fun in movement, the value of the adventure and to discover you can exceed your own expectations. For 14 years, our mission has been to support and celebrate every individual and our club has always been a safe, fun place where the children in our care can learn and grow together. We know that our younger generation need connection with role models that they can learn to know and look up to; and they need a way to spend their time in a healthy and constructive way.
So... with that in mind and on the back of a COVID-19 curve ball, Affinity Version 2.0 was born.

We've developed activities that are not just fun but really work online - helping keep up strength and to burn off energy.
Our class format brings connection, a personal approach and support to each child - each class is it's own team working together.
Our expert coaches are welcoming and creative so you are in great safe hands. 

We're offering monthly memberships, individual 'ad hoc' sessions online and bonus Affinity-style gifts for you:
The monthly membership contains:

  1. A weekly interactive small group class – run over Zoom, so that everyone can see and interact with the others in their class and the coach provides feedback, corrections and coaching. Your class takes place on the same day and at the same time each week to provide an element of routine. This is an interactive experience; friendly, welcoming and personal – so much more than watching a pre-recorded video or one sided live stream. For children aged 3-9yrs these are 30 min sessions, 10yrs+ and all cheerleading sessions are 60 min.
  1. Weekly challenge and activity videos. Made by us – the coaching team your child will become familiar with, to watch and follow at a time of your convenience. These are accessed by a members Facebook group and tailored to each age group and activity type. We also use this members group to provide additional support, answer questions and you can request videos for us to make. We film these each week (at least 9 new videos a week!) so we are building up quite a back catalogue of things for you to try and follow along with.
Membership costs £25 per month for 30 min classes and £40 per month for a 60 minutes classes, including VAT. The only additional fee is for UKG membership to provide insurance cover, which is £9 and covers through till September.

Ad Hoc classes - we offer 30 min 121 sessions, over Zoom, for £20 or you can buy a block of 5 for £80. Check out our online 121 page here.

Sounds great but classes aren't quite right for you now? Stay in contact with our Affinity gifts to you in this time of lockdown:
Come and 'Shake Off The School Day' each weekday at 3:30pm.
Tune in to Facebook Live with Affinity Founder Jen, for top tips on everything movement related each Saturday at 10am.
Ask a coach a question or share your skills with us in our community group.

We are happy to offer anyone interested, a FREE 10min trial 'orientation' session with our coaches to test out the tech, see how it all works and test out some activities. Just email us to get this booked in.

Ready to join, ask a question or book a trial? - get in touch

What have others said about Affinity 2.0?

"I just wanted to give you some feedback on Hannah's class this morning with Eleanor. Hannah really enjoyed it and Eleanor was excellent at engaging with all of the children. The pace of the class was just right and the moves were easy to follow and to carry out at home.
I actually found it a little emotional as it's so sad that the children can't be together at the moment, but the smile on Hannah's face when she could see and interact with her gymnastics friends was fantastic to see. 
Thank you very much for continuing to provide the classes during this difficult time. We're looking forward to next week's class already!
Best wishes, Maria (Hannah's mum)"
"Grace really enjoyed the class this morning.
It was lovely to see & hear her being so energetic! She enjoyed the games they played and the skills.
Being an only child who’s normally so social, it’s been a tough few weeks for Grace, so she really enjoyed the interaction and seeing the other kids faces popping up the screen and talking to Dan. 
The tech worked fine, I’m hoping the cable I’ve ordered to connect the iPad to the tv arrives soon, so she can see everyone on the big screen, but for now, it worked well! 
Grace is really looking forward to next week
Many Thanks"
"Amelia really enjoyed the cheer class on Tuesday, I snuck a peek and saw them practicing “full ups” with their cheer shoe and a bottle of water which I thought was really clever (and her fav part) she is ready and looking forward to her gym class later. Well done everyone."

"We enjoyed the class and it was great to see Dan. The boys love him!
 It made a difference to our day. 
The tech worked well for us, it’s been a learning curve for me!
Thank you for doing these classes for them, although not the same as being there in person it was really great. As you say good to be connected in some way.
We Look forward to next Monday" 
"I hope you are well and all in your team.
We also had a great morning yesterday with Eleanor. I think she did a brilliant job with all the kids. My Anna was so excited at the class that I thought she will jump up into a ceiling at some point. Seeing coach and other kids waiving made her feel so good and special. I asked her how she felt during the class and she said that infinitely happy. And when I asked her what she liked the most about the class then she said that EVERYTHING :D. She was also a little tired after and hungry that means that it was a good and intensive workout. The most important for me was that she was really happy after and inspired to do things.
You are doing a great job!
Thank you again and look forward to the next week class :-)"


Q: What activities and age groups are running?
A: We are running 35 (!) classes per week in the following categories:
Pre-School Gymnastics - ages 3-4yrs.
General Gymnastics (including tumbling gymnasts) - ages 4-6yrs, 7-9yrs, 10+yrs
Freestyle Gymnastics - ages 4-6yrs, 7-9yrs, 10+yrs
Competitive Gymnastics - pre-comp class and combined squad classes.
Cheerleading - junior and senior.

We are also open to adding others - such as recreational cheer or adults, based on demand. 
Q: How many in each class?
A: 10 absolute maximum. 

Q: How does Sapphire Cheerleading work?
A: The cheerleading teams are currently running on a slightly different membership. It's £35 and covers a 60min weekly class, access to the Affinity members Facebook and videos but we aren't producing our own cheer-specific challenge and resource videos, hence the change in cost. There is also an extra Sapphire Cheerleading Facebook group where the coaches will post additional activities to support the classes. 
Cheer classes are currently running as one junior session and one senior session per week, both 60min long. Each of these classes has two coaches present so there can be up to 20 members.
New members are welcome here, as long as they meet the age requirements for these classes - please get in touch and we'll advise further.

Q: What day and time do classes take please? 
A: We've a range of class times, all weekdays between 10am-6pm. You can let us know your preferences at registration.

Q: What abilities are classes for - are beginners welcome?
A: Absolutely! All abilities are welcome, we're great with beginners. Plus if you are more experienced, we have our squad classes we can offer for a greater challenge. And everything in between - running small classes with specific age groupings and activity types makes us able to welcome a wide range of athletes. 

Q: Are we insured?
A: Yes! Our UK gymnastics insurance has specified that cover can be extended for these activities, as long as we keep things low risk and shared within our club. This means you will need UKG membership from your 3rd class with us at a cost of £9.
Q: What about siblings?
A: We’ve the following discount plan for siblings:
Eldest child – pays full price.
2nd child – if on the £40 membership, this is discounted to £30. If they are on the £25, this is discounted to £20.
Third child – 50% off (this lines up with what we have done previously).
Siblings can either attend the same class slot as each other, or their own individual classes. Let us know your preference on registering.
Q: What space do I need?
A: You need enough room to spread your arms wide in and turn around – without crashing into the TV!
Q: Do I need any gymnastics equipment?
A: No. We use all usual house-found items. If you have a soft item to sit on, like a yoga mat or a rug, that would be helpful but not essential.
Q: How does Zoom work for the live classes?
A: It is ace. We will give you a link for your class which you click at the class time. You’ll be able to see and talk to the coach and all your classmates. It’s like being in the same room together. We’ve user guides for you in the members Facebook group to explain all.

Q: Is there a trial period?
A: Yes - same policy as for our physical classes. If after the first or second class you decide its not for you, we'll be able to refund the remainder of the month. You just need to tell us within 48 hours of your second class. After this point, the fee becomes non-refundable.

Q: You usually take a deposit payment - is this the same for online membership?
A: No. We'll just do this month by month. 
Q: What if I don’t want my image shown to others?
A: You can choose to join without having your camera on. You still be able to see the coach and others, and speak, but they won’t be able to see you. The coach won’t be able to give you feedback on what you are doing if they can’t see you, but we’re still happy that you will be able to join in well with the group.
Q: Will classes be recorded?
A: We will be recording sessions, but only for our own internal use and monitoring. The recordings will be safely stored and not published anywhere external – as per our privacy policy and photograph consent. 
Q: How do we keep everyone safe?
A: We have guides that you can use to help you prepare a safe space, plus our coaches will check this when you log in and check your gymnast is dressed ready for class. We’ll be keeping activities firmly to those suitable for living room interaction. Actually, with our classes being interactive, our coaches can keep you safer than you might be watching a recorded video. 
Q: Does an adult need to be present or join in?
A: For pre-school classes, yes you will need to help your child participate. For school age gymnasts, no, but we do need you to ensure your child has a safe space ready to participate in and knows where you are just in case they need you. If you want to join in – you are welcome! 
Q: What kind of activities will we be teaching?
A: There are LOADS of things we can do.
Now, we won’t be teaching back flips, for example, through the internet, as we can’t ensure your safety or that you won't need help. But what we can do are all the fundamentals that build towards skills. There’s lots to do with shapes, strengthening, balance, flexibility, agility, and coordination. 

Q: What will be the format of each live class?
A: We’ll start with a check in session, allowing each gymnast to share how they are and what they have been up to – to interact with their classmates and coach essentially. We feel this is a great lifeline to our gymnasts right now as we all stay more at home. Then we’ll do some warming up activities, some skill activities and challenges/games/conditioning dependent on the age and ability of the gymnasts. We’ll finish by setting challenge style ‘homework’ for everyone to enjoy over the week, then that will become part of next weeks ‘check-in’ at the start of class.
Q: Can we do 121 classes online?
A: Yes! We can do these ad hoc and as an extra. Check it out here
Q: How do I access the pre-recorded videos, live streams and support forum?
A: We’ve a private members-only Facebook group for all this – it’s easy and accessible for everyone. 
Q: How do I access the live classes?
A: We will email you a link for your class which will be the same for each weekly class.
Q: Will the online classes run all the time or with school terms like previous classes?
A: They will run term time. In May half term week, we’ll pause the live classes but give you plenty of activities in recorded videos to catch up on.
Q: Can I move between online membership options? 
A: Of course, just pop us an email by the end of the calendar month and we will move you to the option of your choice and amend your payments accordingly.
Q: How will payments be collected and when? 
A: The monthly payments will be collected via Direct Debit via GoCardless. Payments will be requested on the 1st of each month – except for April which will be requested on the 6th to allow us all time to prepare for the new classes.
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