Pre-School Gymnastics Classes 
(Age from 3-5yrs)

Litsa, Pre-school department leader welcomes you…


What are these classes all about

Pre-school is a real highlight of our classes at Affinity. Of course you can start gymnastics at any age (even 80! seriously, it's happened!) however we really see the best from those that start as young children. The benefit gained in learning how to use your body, social skills, responding to challenges and instilling fun with movement is extra important and pays dividends with our young ones.

Oh and time for a brag - we reckon we've the country's BEST pre-school department leader.  How do we know that? 

She's a fabulous mix of knowledge (having studied pre-school child development and through her teaching and assessing of coaching qualifications), experience (just watch her 'magic' with being able to provide each child with exactly what they need to succeed) and leadership - she's previously developed and run her own pre-school coaching business and has developed our pre-school coaching team at Affinity. Our pre-school gymnastics sessions are full of FUN, serious learning and kindness.


The best way to decide if pre-school gymnastics is for you and your little one? We've got you covered:
1) Check out Litsa's blog, where she explains her top ten ways gymnastics helps preschool children grow into well-rounded adults - find it here.
2) Check out what our previous members have to say about their experience of pre-school classes with us

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What happens at these classes?

We have two types of independent pre-school classes for children aged 3 to school age - core pre-school and freestyle class (we call this one the 'mini-ninjas'!). Both are great. We find those with extra adventurous and confident energy enjoy the mini-ninjas, which is more dynamic and free flowing when compared to our core classes. Not that they are dull! There's always lots of activities on offer at both classes, it's just that the pace is different.

We develop  confidence and social skills in preparation for school and body awareness whilst in a gymnastics environment.

A Typical Session consists of:

  • Musical warm up and creative play with different hand apparatus each week to develop hand to eye coordination, team work and body awareness
  • Skill development on vault, beam, bars, mini trampoline and floor
  • Cool down and creative play with hand apparatus to develop body strength or flexibility.
  • Serious fun and positive environment at our classes.
For younger children (walking to 3yrs, attending with a parent or carer), we run short courses at key times across the year.

When are these classes on?

Independent classes – 3-4yrs (till full time school) 

Monday 1-1:45pm and 2-2:45pm, Tuesday 9:30-10:15am and 10:30-11:15am, Friday 10:30-11:15am; 1-1:45pm and 2-2:45pm​

'Mini Ninjas' Pre-school Freestyle Gymnastics – 3-4yrs (till full time school)

Tuesdays 1-1:45pm

​FULL timetable here

Where are these classes on

ALL pre-school classes are held at:
Affinity HQ
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