Trampoline Classes
(Age from full time school 4yrs -16yrs+)

Clare and Niki welcome you…


What are these classes all about

This is the bouncy one. You might have been to a trampoline park but at class we’ll be learning all the skills and tricks you need to be a great trampoline gymnast - on 'proper' trampolines.

A new activity for Affinity in 2019, we’re taking our original aims and ethos of gymnastics onto the trampoline and up into the air!

But of course, we’ve an Affinity-twist on how we run these classes.

We utilise floor activities as well as activities on the trampoline to better prepare and progress skills as well as keeping everyone active.

With two trampolines per coach, there will be opportunity to practice a skill directly with the coach, then practice independently on the next trampoline.

Then there’s activities to complete on the floor, which will develop all the strength and flexibility needed, before returning to the trampoline again.

We keep waiting time during class to a minimum and active, fun productive time to the max.


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What happens at these classes?

We’ll start each class with a warm up, which usually includes an aerobic game and stretching and mobilising activities. Then we’ll move to the trampolines.

We’ve two coaches and four trampolines plus floor space so there is LOTS to do. We start with basic bouncing and progress through different jumps and ways of landing on the trampoline. Then there’s combinations of different landings and skills and of course the skills everyone wants to learn – somersaults AKA ‘flips.’

The class length progresses with age with 4-6yrs classes being 45 min, 7-9yr olds have a 60 min class and 10-12yr also train for 60 min but will be working on more advanced skills and techniques as appropriate.

When are these classes on?

Trampolining (4-6 yrs)

Tuesdays 5-5:45pm Goffs Academy

Trampolining (7-9 yrs)

Tuesdays 5:50-6:50pm Goffs Academy

Trampolining (10+ yrs)

Tuesdays 6:55-7:55pm Goffs Academy

FULL timetable here

Where are these classes on

Trampoline classes are held at:
Goffs Academy, Cheshunt

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