Tumbling Gymnastics Classes
(Age from full time school 4yrs -16yrs+)

Both Affinity and Sapphire coaches welcome you…


What are these classes all about

​Tumbling is one area we've merged right together between Affinity and Sapphire Elite Cheerleaders.

It's a gymnastics discipline in its own right, plus an essential skill support class for our cheerleaders.

Tumbling classes are all floor based and about dynamic skills joined together into a series, using our sprung floors (and we've a MASSIVE sprung floor).

We focus on excellent technique as this is needed to then add on the next skill. 



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What happens at these classes?

Tumble Level [1]: 4-6yrs, 45min class. 
Working mainly on basic gymnastic floor skills - rolls, cartwheels, bridges.
Tumble Level [2]: 50min class. 
Working mainly on walkovers and round offs.
Tumble Level [3]: 50min class
Working mainly on handsprings - backwards and forwards.
Tumble Level [4]: 50min class
​Working mainly on somersaults - forwards, backwards and twists.

We use lots of various skills and drills to break down and learn skills well. Tumbling, whilst there are less skills to learn than gymnastics or other activities, the skills all eventually are performed in sequence one after another – so technical skill is super important. 

When are these classes on?

Tumble [1] (4-6yrs)  

Tuesday 4:30-5:15pm 

Tumble [2] 

Thursday 4:40-5:30pm 

Tumble [3]

Thursday 5:40-6:30pm

Tumble [4]

Thursday 6:40-7:30 

FULL timetable here

Where are these classes on

Tumbling gymnastics classes are held at:
Goffs Churchgate Academy, Cheshunt

They are run with both Affinity Gymnastics and Sapphire Elite Cheerleaders coaching staff.

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