Uniform Policy

Affinity Club Uniform

What do I wear?

Well for starters we DON'T have a compulsory uniform

Yes, that's right!  We have Affinity Uniform if you'd like to wear it, and fab looking t-shirts which the kids look great in.  But it's NOT COMPULSORY!

You'll find that shorts/leggings and t-shirt is ideal.  Leotards are even better and you are welcome to wear ANY type.

However please ensure any clothing is suitable for gymnastics. 

Clothes should be soft (no zips or fasteners or denim), well fitting (not too loose) and appropriate (please avoid strappy and low cut tops. Crop tops are ok but if you choose to wear this to class we ask that you also bring along a t-shirt – if our coaches need to support you physically during a skill we’ll ask you to cover your back and stomach for safety.) 


Gymnasts work in bare feet in the gym with the exception of cheer (who wear specific cheer shoes)

Jewellery (and piercings)
ALL jewellery must be removed. New piercings can be taped for the 6 weeks it takes to heal but must be removed after that

and lastly…
Please make sure long hair is tied back and bring a drink with you.

Club Uniform

We do have club uniform to order, should you wish to, including fantastic t-shirts that are unique to each discipline.
Should you wish to purchase our Affinity Club merchandise, please complete the order form below. (payment details on the form). Should you have any queries regarding placing your order, please contact us at  hello@affinitygymnastics.co.uk

Order Form

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