​​Where are we

​All classes take place in either Hoddesdon or Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, UK.

Site rules

- All our sites are non-smoking sites, smoking is not permitted on the grounds of the buildings
- Please take any rubbish home with you
- Dogs are not permitted on site

Affinity HQ

Unit 26, Plumpton House, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 0LB
Types of classes held here: General, Pre-school, competitive gymnastics, Holiday Workshops and 121's

How to find us
Affinity HQ is in Plumpton House, which is the tallest green building on Plumpton Road just before the Rawmec Business park. Access is at the rear of the building, via a white door with our logo on. Please do not access via the front glass doors as the building is a bit of a maze and you may never find us! Use the intercom system at the rear to gain access, press ’26’ and ‘call’ and we’ll let you in. We are on the 1st floor, come up the steps, through the green double doors and immediate right into our reception area. If you need assistance up to us there is a lift available, please call us on 07507 418370 and we’ll come to assist you. Toilets are located at the end of the corridor; turn right at the top of the stairs.

Where do I park?
Where do I park? Limited parking is available at the rear of the building, in unmarked bays only and please do not park in front of other business shutters – help us maintain a good relationship with our neighbours. Alternative parking is available at the front of the building next to the New River or you may prefer to park in a local residential street (Ogard Road) and walk to us – there is a walkway by the side of Plumpton House. Please take care when walking round to the rear of the building.

Can I stay and watch?
Yes and no! At Affinity HQ we have a small reception area but you may find this busy at some class times, so you may prefer to leave during the class. There is a park nearby and a nice walk out the front by the river we reccomend getting your own exercise/chill out time in whilst we look after your gymnast. However if you feel you need to stay then you are welcome, especially during first classes. The exception to this is pre-school classes where we may need you to be present for any toilet trips. 

Sheredes Primary School

Benford Rd, Hoddesdon EN11 8LL
Types of classes held here: General gymnastics.


How to find us
We're in the lower hall of the school, at the end of the car park by the dining hall. Use the intercom to gain access, but please wait outside until we finish class and let you in for collection.

Where do I park?
Where do I park? Sheredes Primary ask that our members park off site and walk down to class, to avoid congestion and ensure safety for all on the school site. There is plenty of space on neighbouring residential streets.

Can I stay and watch?
At Sheredes Primary unfortunately there is no viewing area. If you really need to stay for your child's first class we can arrange that, but afterwards you'll be asked to wait off-site.


Goffs CHURCHGATE Academy

College Rd, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross EN8 9LY
Types of classes held here: Sapphire Cheerleading, freestyle gymnastics, tumbling gymnastics.

​How to find us - a video walkthrough

Where do I park?
Park in any available spaces in the car park on the left as you drive in. The site team at Goffs have kindly asked that we do not park grass areas as it messes them up and we all want the site to be well looked after!

Can I stay and watch?
Yes and no! We do not allow waiting in the gym as it distracts from a great learning environment. There is a little bit of reception space with some view of the hall, or there is a large space in the changing rooms where you can stay during class.

Goffs Academy

Goff's Ln, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross EN7 5QW
Types of classes held here: Trampoline

How to find us - a video walkthrough

Where do I park?
This site has the biggest car park! Find any space you like.

Can I stay and watch?
Yes and no! We prefer parents to leave during class as it helps us create the best learning environment for our trampolinists. If you have to stay there are some benches in the corner of the hall.

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